Sutcliffe Play – Steel Play Equipment

Through creativity, innovation and conviction Sutcliffe Play aim to be a leading force in the field of play, this is their company vision. Sutcliffe Play are experienced in providing specialist play equipment and they design to encourage creativity, leaving as much as possible to children’s imagination. 

Sutcliffe Play build in an element of risk, to ensure play spaces are stimulating and challenging and believe passionately in “inclusive play”, they do this in an invisible way, allowing all children to play side-by-side.

In addition Sutcliffe Play  believe that there are many other benefits that play brings to children & adults – physical health, learning, development, social cohesion, even regeneration within communities. But above all when designing, we focus on play for plays sake, as that simple, essential part of childhood.

Knowledge is what others say stands Sutcliffe Play apart – knowledge of children, play, inclusion, accessibility, design, materials, and landscape. 

Sutcliffe Play are an Employee Owned Business employing over 80 people. They offer a bespoke design service and manufacture in the UK, distributing worldwide.

Quality runs as a thread through everything that they do.  Sutcliffe Play try to do what is best for children and their customers, generally going beyond what is required by industry standards

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