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When looking for a company to supply rubber surfacing in Saudi Arabia, there is one choice which offers decades of experience, an unrivalled reputation for delivering on time and budget and boasts over 60 highly skilled staff. 

That company is the region’s leading supplier of rubber surfacing – Gebal. 

At Gebal, we have been active across five decades. Formed in 1978, we have carried out numerous rubber surfacing projects in Saudi Arabia and beyond. We are the preferred choice for many key projects, including government and municipal projects. Have you seen rubber surfacing in a school, or park, or playground, or nursery in the region? 

Chances are Gebal oversaw the installation. Whatever your project, we will have undertaken something similar and we can provide references and images of projects which show our ability to deliver.

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Rubber Surfacing Saudi Arabia – Key Information

Ensuring you stay safe with top quality rubber surfacing in Saudi Arabia 

Safety requirements often mean that you need to install top quality rubber surfacing for your project in Saudi Arabia. 

At Gebal, our experience means we are completely comfortable both working with these regulations and advising clients on what is necessary. At Gebal, we work within the DIN EN 1177:2008 requirements, meaning we supply and install shock-absorbent flooring which is of a thickness to meet all HIC (Head Injury Criterion).

But we also know that, while a prime concern, safety is not the only consideration. The look of the flooring can be important, from the colours, to pattern, to inclusion of logos and other designs. We can ensure the rubber surfacing looks attractive, enticing even – projects such as rubber surfacing in Saudi Arabia businesses, schools and parks require a visual look which enhances the locality.

Examples of our rubber surfacing projects in Saudi Arabia and beyond

At Gebal, we get repeat business from schools, government bodies and more – this shows that we compete on both price and reliability. Otherwise, we would not be the go-to choice for such organisations.

We make it possible for clients to see their project come to life from the earliest drawings, using the latest software including 3d modelling to create accurate representations. And we can also take care of your rubber surfacing either as a job in its own right or part of a larger project in Saudi Arabia, for instance also providing seating, play equipment. We provide a fully end-to-end service.

On this page, you can see examples of rubber surfacing projects in Saudi Arabia, with each opening in a new photogallery. Please take the time to have a browse.

The very best western suppliers

Our reputation is such that leading western suppliers want to work with us, this means that your rubber surfacing project in Saudi Arabia will have only the best quality products. This is quality you might not get with other firms in the region.

We provide EuroFlex by Kraiburg and Rosehill – two European products used by multi-national companies to independent nurseries. In short, these suppliers have a range of products with something for everyone.

EuroFlex is fully compliant with safety requirements and it comes in thicknesses for any type of playground equipment. You can see their brochure on our site here

The team at Euroflex have experience to match ours, they have been in their business for more than 40 years. The mix of their expertise and our record for delivery in Saudi Arabia makes for a compelling blend.

Easy to install, with a range of design options, Euroflex is a great solution at a competitive price.

EuroFlex is easy to install and has a range of design options. As well as being seen in playgrounds, you might also have walked or run on it in gymnasiums, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and sport facilities.

For information on Rosehill have a look in this brochure. Rosehill pride themselves on being durable and cost effective – and it is of a quality which sees it used at Premier League football clubs and around Hollywood. 

We stock the full range of Rosehill products, these include rubber surfaces for pool edges, playgrounds and more. This innovative company even offers their TVP Twinkle, a flooring which is used sparingly to provide a real wow factor which sparkles. 

Of course, you might not know which product to choose, we can help – we are happy to advise on which type of flooring will work best for your project, taking all your considerations into account.

A complete solution

We can provide the highest quality rubber surfacing in Saudi Arabia, but we can also do much more. We can see your project through from start to finish, including design if required, and we can also make it part of a larger project, for example creating a new playground area, or other municipal or private project.

You can see have a look at some example of any of these, or get inspiration by visiting our catalogues page.

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