Rubber Flooring Doha

Rubber Flooring Doha

In need of superb quality Rubber Flooring in Doha? 

Gebal are the leading supplier, working with established partners in the United States and Europe to bring the very best rubber flooring to Doha and ensuring it is planned and installed in a professional manner.

Whether it’s for a park recreatioal space, sports flooring, nursery or another reason, Gebal have experience in delivering all rubber flooring for all sorts of projects in Doha.

We are an experienced, established company with a host of testimonials and examples of our superb work.

To find out how we can fulfil your rubber flooring needs in Doha, please call us today on +974 (0)4 406 2195.

The fact you searched for rubber flooring Doha of course shows you are in need of this quality flooring. But why choose Gebal?

In short, we are the leading company in Doha and beyond in the region. Established in 1978, we have a wealth of experience and have worked tirelessly to build contacts with the best suppliers.

We can also work with you through every step of the process. If you have plans in place, we can source the best flooring and then oversee installation. But we can also consult with you and then work through the design – even using excellent modelling software including 3D computer modelling so you can see your project come to life long before the first bit of flooring goes down.

Rubber flooring Doha – Proven quality

And if your project also includes playground equipment or other structures, we can work with you to not only source the products but also ensure a top quality job.

This quality is shown in all our work – an example being the installation of safety flooring, playground equipment and more in 23 parks.

As is always the case with Gebal, the project was completed on budget and within the timeframe. The work highlighted our qualities – a top quality job for an important client, all serving to cement our status as the leading provider of rubber flooring in Doha and beyond.

To view a video of this work, simply visit this page on YouTube.

There are other examples of our work available on the site, after all there is no better testimonial than the quality of past work.

Equally call us on  +974 (0)4 406 2195 so we can provide you with references and further examples of our work in Doha.

Rubber flooring is popular in many nurseries, providing a safe, durable play surface, One such project was the Kids Academy Nursery in Abu Dhabi. This project involved making distinct areas with wonderful flooring; one of which was a bike area replicating a racing circuit. The children loved being wannabe Lewis Hamiltons!

And working in nurseries, schools and on big municipal projects is a great demonstartion of our ability to be competitive on price, superb on quality. Such bodies have to keep tight control of their budget, yet are of course duty bound to choose a quality product.

For all our clients, we use the finest equipment, in the case of the Kids Academy this included  Norwegian parts and German flooring. Details of the companies we partner with are available here.

As well as sourcing the finest materials for the job, we also provide the design, installation and aftercare as required.

This complete solution prompted one client to say “Every member of the team upheld their commitment to providing the customer with the very best service.

“I would not hesitate to recommend the Gebal team to any provider wishing to embrace the ultimate outdoor learning environment. I continue to be extremely impressed with the service and look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

Please give us a call on +974 (0)4 406 2195 so we can discuss your needs.