Roof Canopies UAE

For high-quality, durable roof canopies in the UAE, look no further than Gebal Group.

Since our inception over four decades ago, we have completed numerous outdoor shade projects for different organisations and homeowners across the Emirates. 

Our shades are built to offer complete protection from harmful UV rays as well as improve the aesthetics of your premises. They are designed accurately from the beginning to make maximum use of available space.

Besides offering our customers a superior product at a competitive price, we pride ourselves in giving them first class service before, during and after the installation.

Call us today on +971 02 4464684 (Abu Dhabi office) or +971 04 4519691 (Dubai Office) to find out more about our roof canopies in UAE.

Alternatively, send us an enquiry via email and we will respond promptly.

Wide Choice of Canopies for Roofs

Few roof canopy suppliers can match the variety we offer.

Organizations and individuals have come to us for canopies of different sizes and designs for different purposes. We work with businesses of all sizes as well as schools and a huge range of organisations.

To get an idea of the possibilities Gebal offers, take a look at our gallery. Our shades are available in a variety of materials as well; you can have it made from PTFE, PVC or HDP.

Optimal design

At the beginning of every project, our highly experienced consultants visit the client’s premises to take the dimensions of the space to be covered.

They will thereafter recommend a roof canopy design. This is to ensure that the shade we make will make optimal use of the area of installation. 

Value for money

With Gebal, you get the most accurately and attractively designed roof canopies in the UAE at some of the most competitive prices.

You will be able to enjoy outdoor activities fully without worrying about sunburn.

On top of that you will have a stunning addition to your yard that will increase the value of your property.

Please contact us now on +971 02 4464684 (Abu Dhabi office) or +971 04 4519691 (Dubai Office) for roof canopies in the UAE that are as stylish as they are functional.

You can send more detailed queries to us via email and we will respond promptly.