Playground Equipment UAE

Are you from the UAE and looking to purchase some top-notch play equipment suitable for your top-notch institution or residence?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Gebal, we are the leading supplier of children’s play equipment in UAE, with forty years experience in the industry.

We work with world class manufacturers to provide you with the best in play apparatus; products that will see to the long term growth and development of the children who use them.

We have the most qualified design team in UAE, helping you to decide which lay-out is best for you, and once you’ve made your choice, giving you a 3D colour visual to help you envision what the area will look like.

Our services extend beyond the installation of the play area, providing you with an after-sales service and maintenance care, to ensure that you remain happy with the end result.

Make your playground fun and educational for all with Gebal Group play apparatus.

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To learn more, call us on +971 02 4464684 (Abu Dhabi), +971 04 4519691 (Dubai), or contact us online.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

The young children who use our play equipment are at that crucial age of exploration and curiosity. At Gebal, we like to encourage their learning and development by designing outdoor environments that will challenge them; develop their problem solving skills and creative thinking; and give them the chance to interact with their peers.

These social and cognitive abilities are tools that will stay with them for life, not to mention the physical benefits a well formatted playground can give, such as balance and coordination. A Gebal Group play area will look after the wellbeing of its charges and help them to boost their self-confidence step by step, a little more every day.

Not only will your play area be fun and educational, but it will look great as well. With your input, we can create a space enjoyable to children, but pleasing to adults as well; a relaxing environment for everyone.

Child Safety

Too many children get hurt every year by faulty equipment that is sourced from disreputable suppliers.

Here at Gebal, we hold safety as our first priority, and we believe that any supplier of children’s play equipment should do the same.

Our designs are regulated by the scrupulous EN1176 and EN1177 European Safety Standards and will stand up to any risk assessment.

The maintenance service that we offer post-installation will ensure that they stay that way for years to come. Children can love and use Gebal apparatus, safe in the knowledge that it will not fail them.

Our outdoor playground equipment is also approved by UAE government departments, such as Dubai Municipality, the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi Health Services, and various Police departments.

Gebal Group – Market-leaders since 1978

We have installed incredible play areas in parks, schools, nurseries and kindergartens, in UAE and beyond, for four decades. Gebal products can be found in projects as esteemed as the Burj Khalifa, Jebel Hafeet mountains, Abu Dhabi Corniche Parks and Yas Island Formula 1 Track.

Our team of sixty skilled technicians are trained to be professional, reliable and transparent at all stages of your journey with us, giving you complete control over the play area you are creating, and making the process as painless as possible.

Gebal Group works with international partners who are at the forefront of the play equipment industry across the globe, not just in UAE. Our products are ones you can trust.

We would be delighted to hear from you either by phone +971 02 4464684 (Abu Dhabi), +971 04 4519691 (Dubai), or online with any enquiries.