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If you’re planning to install a play area in Dubai, look no further than the Gebal Group.

"play area Dubai"

We have over 30 years experience in providing the best play areas to Dubai customers.

Working with the world’s finest playground equipment suppliers, we can guarantee our Dubai play areas will be educational, fun to use and above all safe.

We offer a complete play area turnkey solution designed to meet exactly your specific needs. Gebal can also design a play area to fit an appropriate space within your new building project. We’ll take care of all maintenance worries.

If you want to upgrade your existing play area in Dubai or install a new play area, call us now – +971 (0) 4 311 7409

Child Play Areas Dubai – Our Philosophy

Safety is a key concern at Gebal when deciding on the equipment and layout for a children’s play area, and we first ensure all our play areas meet the most stringent safety standards.

We also think of comfort – special soft flooring is used together with sun screens to provide shade.

And, obviously, we aim to promote learning and development of every child who has fun in a Gebal play area. It is vital for a child to develop their social skills and be able to communicate with their peers. 

A properly designed play area with this thought in mind facilitates positive social interaction. Well designed playground equipment should exercise the body and stimulate the mind, improving co-ordination, confidence and self esteem. We want children to leave our Dubai play areas stimulated, refreshed, and above all happy.

We are highly experienced at fulfulling requirements for every type of client request from play areas in government buildings, shopping centres and private homes to kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities.

Our expert team at Gebal will consider any project large or small.

We have constructed play and leisure facilities using a range of  materials including steel, rope, wood, concrete and water. We design our play areas hand in hand with our Dubai clients.

You’ll be shown a 3 dimensional presentation of the new play space, allowing you the opportunity to see how it fits in with existing or planned buildings. 

The choice of equipment used to stock the proposed play area is determined by the age range of the users and the budget of the client.

We understand that our children are our future, so it is vital to give them the best facilities available.

At Gebal we choose only the finest play equipment on the market with a proven safety record.

We will not settle for second best, why should you.


Our installation team works closely with both management and construction teams on all projects. We have a proud track record of bringing quality projects in on time and within budget. At Gebal, our staff understand the building and safety requirements for Dubai.

All our playgrounds comply with European Safety Standards, EN1176 and EN1177. We are quite happy to supply prospective clients with testimonials from satisfied customers of previous Gebal built play areas.


We have a dedicated team that can maintain the play area, including regular safety inspections and equipment replacement as required. Our team has the expertise to keep your play area safe and up to date. We pride ourselves on building a close relationship with all our customers. At Gebal the client’s wishes are paramount.

Gebal in the UAE

We are proud at Gebal to work with government departments of the United Arab Emirates. Our projects include the Yas Marina Formula One Track on Yas Island, the Al Wagan Park in Al Ain and the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Our installations are to be found across the United Arab Emirates.

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