Outdoor Play Equipment Qatar

If you are looking for quality outdoor play equipment that comes with quality service, choose Qatar’s leading play equipment provider: Gebal Group.

Here at Gebal, we work with a wide array of world class partners to supply you with the best play equipment money can buy, and at competitive prices to boot.

With forty years of experience in the industry, in Qatar and beyond, we have developed an unbeatable service that makes sure you are supported from the initial appraisal all the way through to post-installation maintenance.

Once your preferred design has been drawn up, you can view it through a 3D colour visual presentation to help you to decide if it’s the right one for you.

After that, our 60-strong team of expert technical staff will make the construction process as painless as possible as they excavate and lay down concrete foundations before bringing your play area to life.

 Our play equipment is designed to give children the best start in life, not just by leaving them with happy memories of having fun in Qatar, but by developing the cognitive skills and confidence that they will need throughout their lives.

Please read on to learn more, but take a look at our official page to see what we can offer and the organisations we work with.

Call +971 02 4464684 (Abu Dhabi), +971 04 4519691 (Dubai), or contact us online for estimates on pricing and any other questions you’d like answered.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

A Gebal Group outdoor playground is an expertly designed space for children to have a ton of fun and learn while they’re at it. No two play areas are the same, and you will have your pick of the prime products on the market.

Outdoor play equipment has long been recognised for its ability to aid the development of a child’s social skills, physical strength, balance, co-ordination, and creativity. A well constructed arrangement can help to give a child the tools they will need to succeed in life, not to mention the wealth of benefits it could have for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Our play facilities are designed to challenge children in a way that makes them grow, but they’ll hardly notice with all the fun they’re having.

As well as being a childhood dream, Gebal playgrounds are also devised to suit the environment they’re placed in. Passers-by will admire the creation instead of complaining about the disruption to the Qatar landscape.

Child Safety

For any supplier of children’s play equipment, safety must be at the forefront of their philosophy. For Gebal, safety is the principal focus of our designs.

Along with our partners, we observe the EN1176 and EN1177 European Safety Standards and subject the structural integrity of our equipment to thorough testing.

Too many children get hurt by poorly maintained play apparatus or equipment that has been sourced from less reputable suppliers.

Gebal Group play areas are built to last, and we provide a maintenance service that can be called on for as long as you should require.

Our outdoor playground equipment has the approval of UAE government departments and other prominent organisations, such as Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Ministry of Education, SOROUH, and Police Departments.

Gebal Group – Market-leaders since 1978

Four decades of supplying outdoor play equipment to nurseries, parks, schools and kindergartens across the GCC has left us the leading supplier of play equipment in Qatar.

Our professional employees make transparency and reliability key values of their work practice, giving you the best possible experience in customer service.

The quality of work produced by our international partners is unparalleled. We work with some of the most innovative manufacturers of playground equipment on the planet.

As a company, Gebal has supplied its products to building projects as prestigious as the Burj Khalifa, Jebel Hafeet mountains, Abu Dhabi Corniche Parks and Yas Island Formula 1 Track.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries by phoning +971 02 4464684 (Abu Dhabi), +971 04 4519691 (Dubai), or send us an email sales@gebalgroup.com and we’ll get back to you.