Outdoor Play Equipment Dubai

Here at Gebal Group, we can supply you with the latest designs in outdoor play equipment at a level of quality unrivalled throughout Dubai and the GCC.

We source our products only from the best. Our global suppliers are forging progress in the industry every day; putting ground-breaking research on child development to use with their innovative play apparatus.

It has been recognised for a long time that play equipment has the capacity to help children develop social and cognitive skills which will ease them into adulthood. Our play apparatus is designed with this in mind, and will offer children the best chance at development that can be found in an outdoor play area.

Four decades of experience has allowed us to fine tune our service to its most efficient stage for your convenience.

Should you choose us, the first step is an evaluation of the space to be developed. Designs will then be drawn up to your specification. A 3D colour visual presentation gives you the chance to view what the outdoor play area will look like, and allows you to make adjustments should you wish. The installation process will be undertaken by our skilled team of sixty expert technicians, who will excavate and concrete the area before starting to build.

The highlight of our comprehensive service is the continued offer of maintenance, long after the project has been completed. We will continue to look after your beautiful playground and ensure that all equipment remains in optimum condition for the safety of your charges.

Ready to start your journey toward creating a wonderland? Call our Dubai office on +971 04 4519691, or contact us online today.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

Gebal Group play equipment has been designed to encourage the development of children by giving them the chance to build on their problem solving, balance, co-ordination, creativity and social skills, all in a safe and fun environment.

As well as advancing life skills, an expertly arranged outdoor play area will improve upon the wellbeing of the children who use it by promoting laughter and physical fitness, and facilitating interaction with peers.

At Gebal, we will help you create the most attractive, practical playground out there, specifically tailored to your unique space. We will help bolster the aesthetic of your establishment and you will be involved through every step of the process.

Child Safety

Children are precious, and here at Gebal we know how to keep them safe. Our equipment will challenge them, but only within the confines of strict safety parameters. For any supplier of children’s play equipment, the structural integrity and reliability of their apparatus should be the primary focus.

To ensure that the equipment we provide remains secure, we offer a post-installation maintenance service that can be counted on for as long as you need.

Gebal Group play equipment is tested to the intensive EN1176 and EN1177 European Safety Standards. Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Ministry of Education, as well as other UAE government departments, have all given our products their stamp of approval.

Gebal Group – Market-leaders since 1978

There are many reasons why you should consider Gebal Group as the supplier of your future outdoor play area, but here are just a few.

Experience – We have been providing outdoor play equipment to nurseries, parks, schools and kindergartens in Dubai and beyond for forty years. As a company, Gebal has supplied its products to building projects as prestigious as the Burj Khalifa, Jebel Hafeet mountains, Abu Dhabi Corniche Parks and Yas Island Formula 1 Track.

Transparency – Our skilled professionals make visibility a key part of their service, allowing you to remain in full control throughout the design and installation of your playground.

Quality – Our international partners are some of the most accredited manufacturers in the world; every piece of equipment is made by people who care.

Take a look at our official page to learn more about our work and see examples of our partner organisations.

Get in touch with our Dubai office on +971 04 4519691, or send us an email sales@gebalgroup.com with enquiries.