Landscape Furniture Supplier UAE

Gebal Group is a leading landscape furniture supplier in the UAE and Qatar.

If you need park benches, planters, litter bins, bollards or tree grates for a public space or for private use, we can supply and install to match your exact requirements.

Our street furniture not only looks good, it is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, meaning it is practical, hard wearing and, in the case of seating, comfortable. 

We work with renowned international manufacturers of these items so you can be assured of quality and adherence to high standards. 

Get in touch today on +971 (0) 2 446 4684 in Abu Dhabi or +971 (0) 4 451 9691 in Dubai to discuss your project with us. You can reach us on +971 (0) 4 039 2605 if you reside in Qatar. You can also send us queries via email and we will respond promptly.


The Landscape Furniture Supplier in UAE with Unrivalled Experience

landscape benches UAE

We are a landscape furniture supplier offering many different designs. You can see some of our past work by visiting our past projects page if you need some ideas.

Gebal Group is behind some of the most unique outdoor furniture fixtures you may have seen around the Marina and other locations. If you have seen stylish outdoor benches that are ergonomically designed, chances are we supplied hem. 

Our experience is unmatched: n 2018 we celebrate our 40th anniversary. We have stayed in business and flourished that long through our reputation for always delivering on time and on budget. 

We are trusted by organisations that require quality at a fair price – schools and government bodies being among those to rely on Gebal. 

We have the experience to advise on any project, if you want help with planning we can design the perfect space for you, supply and install the products – a full, end-to-end service. Alternatively, for those who already have set needs, we are happy to just supply and install products. 

You can see examples of what we offer as a landscape furniture supplier in the Emirates by visiting our page listing all the catalogues. 

Send us an online query if you would like more information or give us a call on +971 (0) 2 446 4684 (Abu Dhabi), +971 (0) 4 451 9691 (Dubai) or +971 (0) 4 039 2605 (Qatar).