Getting Active With Interactive

Outdoor play is integrated deeply in society, however, with today’s developments, it may seem to get less attention as a valuable phase in the development of children. Playnetic, a company located in The Netherlands, believes that the current outdoor public environment is no longer in connection with the perception and the need for incitement of children. Therefore, Playnetic is developing interactive play sets for the outdoor public environment; they are bringing the interactivity known from computers, smart phones and tablets to the outdoor public environment.

To build on the great success Playnetic have had with their interactive range in Europe they are now introducing their ground breaking products to the Middle East. Gebal are extremely honoured to have been selected by Playnetic to represent them in the Middles East and we share their belief that their range of products is like no other and will revolutionise outdoor play. Each and every piece in the Playnetic range is powered by you, enhancing kinetic energy…

DJ Post


Sling the crank and generate electricity. The MusicBall will choose one song from its collection. Dancing is fun andbrings a special atmosphere to the playground. Update the collection of songs by replacing the USB stick. If you prefer stories, fables or trivia, the StoryBall is great fun and randomly tells one of its audio clips.


Are you friends playing in the next play area? You can see them but can’t hear them? Just spin the wheel of the ConnectIT to power the radio communication system and you can speak to your friends from a distance…


Spin the MusicBall and create energy for the game. Enough energy? Start playing games with the sidekicks. Kicking the bright lightened sidekicks works like pushing a button. Standing still is not an option!

Kinetic Wheel

Three options for steering wheels are available: a ship, racing car or airplane. Spin the wheel to start\ an audio clip FULL of experience. Let your fantasy lead the way, and decide for yourself how it goes. These wheels are great for an additional extension to a(n) existing) play object!


Push one of the coloured buttons. RunTime randomly shouts another colour. At the moment the shouted button is pushed Runtime tells you the time it took to push it. Then it shouts the next colour. Make up your own run game, relay or something completely different. RunTime is not just one game, it’s a stimulation to make up your own games. Possibilities are endless! RunTime can be placed all over the playground.


Pump the pedal and let the games begin, four interactive games: speed test, memory, quick colours and quick sums.


JumpStone ONE – 1 JumpStone playing songs at random, as long as you keep jumping. Are you capable of maintaining the music to play? Quite intense, but luckily it is possible to alternate with your friends! New music?
Replace the USB stick! 


AudioNetic ‘Play’ 
This AudioNetic has an ambundance knowledge of old and new games. For example, are you aware of the fact that more than 40 different tag games exist? No? Well, this AudioNetic does! You are challenged in plenty of active games: speed hopping, running, there is no limit. An amusing way to improve schoolyards, campings or playgrounds. 

AudioNetic ‘Prof. YellowSnow’ 
This insanely nutty professor is overflowing with interesting facts. A pleasent surprise for places where you have to wait for a while. New facts? Just replace the USB stick! 

AudioNetic ‘Jokes and Riddles’
If you want to laugh, you will have to pump! A comical pillar overflowing with jokes. Done laughing?! Don’t think so, replace the USB stick and you can keep on going!