Gebal Happy To Announce Appointment Of Design Director

Gebal is pleased to announce the appointment of an additional member of staff: Carina Gallacher as Director of Landscape Architecture & Design. Carina has extensive experience of working within the Parks and Play Industry. She has worked for over 20 years in government, private and voluntary sectors developing play opportunities for children and young people in a wide range of settings. She has practical experience of initiating and project managing the design and development of parks and play spaces and has a real understanding of the maintenance implications of designed schemes. Carina with a degree in Planning and Environmental Management worked alongside CABE previously the UK’s Government’s advisor on architecture, urban design and public space. She has also worked for the National Children’s Bureau and Play England as a Strategic Enabler. She has been directly involved with the development of BS EN 1176 & 1177 (Health & Safety Standards) and has a strong working knowledge of health and safety requirements within play spaces.Carina aims to bring excellence to the design, management and maintenance of public parks and play space within Abu Dhabi and is instrumental in recognising and rewarding the very best green spaces around the world through her work as a Green Flag Judge.

Carina is new to Abu Dhabi, and is excited to be joining the company and leading the design division of Gebal and working closely with her colleagues to further develop the quality service that Gebal has to offer.

She is currently acquainting herself with the UAE, its culture and climate, and hopes to enjoy with her family all that Abu Dhabi has to offer. (If we allow her time off, that is!) 

You can contact Carina our Design Director: