Drainage Tunnel Supplier UAE

Gebal Group is a leading drainage tunnel supplier in the UAE, bringing you a wide range of channels designed by leading European manufacturers.

Our drainage channels are vital in disposing of surface water in a variety of scenarios – from runoffs for roof terraces to surfaces used by heavy commercial vehicles. 

These tunnels are made from high quality materials and make economical use of available space. There is also a selection of designs for gratings, meaning you can have a drainage system that complements the aesthetics of the surrounding constructions. Highly skilled technicians make installation a swift and painless process. 

Call us on +971 (0) 2 446 4684 if you are in Abu Dhabi or +971 (0) 4 451 9691 if you’re in Dubai to find out more about our drainage tunnel options. 

  You can also send us an email query and we will reply promptly with all the information you need. 

Tried and Trusted Drainage Tunnel Supplier

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At Gebal we have unmatched experience in this market. We have been supplying clients in the UAE since the 1970s, helping install drainage tunnels as well as a wealth of other projects. You can see many of our recent projects on our Facebook page – an option that wasn’t available when we started out. 

In partnership with leading German brand BIRCO , we bring you heavy duty drainage channels that are built to last. BIRCO is an established name that has been in the construction materials business for close to a century. They are a renowned supplier of high quality vibrated steel and concrete drainage channels around the world. 

Now with a presence in Dubai, they are better able to build drainages that respond to the UAE’s unique conditions. They also bring technically astute engineers to ensure drainage tunnels are built to exact standards and UAE specifications and that the installation process is smooth and efficient. 

Our Drainage tunnels are built to suit many different applications in the UAE. Whether you want an installation of the standard 100mm or a heavier-duty one of 1000mm or even a F900 KN load class, we are able to meet your needs. 

Depending on how you want the drainage installation to look, you can have the mesh gratings in different designs. Slots can be done in the visually appealing wave or ellipse designs. 

With the infiltration system BIRCO offers, you can also take care of the runoff from rain storms effectively and with minimal usage of space. 

Email us today to get more information on our drainage tunnels in the UAE or talk to our agents on +971 (0) 2 446 4684 (Abu Dhabi) or +971 (0) 4 451 9691 (Dubai).