Access Hatch Suppliers Doha

Gebal Group is the leading supplier of stainless steel and aluminium access hatches in Doha and across the GCC.

Along with our partners Saxon Covers, we can offer you premium quality with our Excalibur range of access hatches.

With a wide variety of hatches, tailored to your requirements from the style of design, to the RAL colour of the external coating, we can meet your needs with world class, innovative access hatch solutions and cutting-edge design technology.

Excalibur access hatches are built to exceed industry standards. Quality and reliability are at the foundation of our corporate philosophy.

Gebal Group has been involved in supplying hatches to numerous high-profile projects across the globe, such as Dubai Metro, the Presidential Palace, HH Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Louvre, the Burj Khalifa and Saadiyat Beach Villas.

To read more about our cutting-edge engineering division, please download our online brochure.

For queries on installation and pricing, call +971 (0) 4 451 9691 (Dubai), +971 (0) 2 446 4684 (Abu Dhabi), or contact us online.

Range of Access Hatches

The Excalibur range offers you access hatches in galvanised steel, aluminium alloys, and stainless steel. Suitable for numerous purposes, our hatches have been installed in water treatment plants, pump stations, smoke vents, sewerage systems; you name it and Gebal will have provided for it. We guarantee that you need look no further for the perfect access hatch to suit your Doha facility.

With multiple locking options, lift assistance and a selection of seals, you can have your pick of ground-breaking access hatch technology. You can also decide on a load bearing class ranging from FACTA class A to F, and a fire rating of up to three hours.

See our official page for examples of our models.

Internal and External Models

Our neat, weather tight Flush Seated Covers are inset into the floor for a smart and inconspicuous appearance.

If you need something a little more heavy duty, we offer Pump Station Specialised Fabrication, which involves the addition of special features to your hatch. Ladders, gates, decks, and handrail systems are available for your convenience.

Roof Hatches

The insulated Excalibur roof hatch is safety conscious, employing lifting gas springs and heavy duty hidden hinges to aid easy two-way access to the roof.

Quality Certification

Access hatches will always carry an element of risk, but here at Gebal, we do everything within our power to reduce that risk factor. We are committed to offering only the highest quality products to our clients in Doha and beyond, so that they can be one hundred percent reassured that we have their employees’ safety in mind.

The safety standards of Excalibur access hatches are determined by an exhaustive system of in-house and third party testing. All products are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. EN 124:1994 regulations are followed in regard to the loading requirements of Excalibur hatches, and the product is batch tested for a more concentrated assessment.

For your peace of mind, we can make the results of these tests available to you upon request.

For any enquiries into kitting out your Doha facility with a premium Excalibur access hatch, please call +971 (0) 4 451 9691 (Dubai), +971 (0) 2 446 4684 (Abu Dhabi), or contact us via email