Access Cover Suppliers UAE

If you require access covers in UAE that are both high quality and look the part, then Gebal Group are the access cover suppliers to call on.

We provide manhole covers in the Emirates manufactured by Surespan , a globally recognised name in street furniture design. 

These access hatches come in a wide range of sizes. Surespan’s products are also continually evolve to showcase cutting-edge technology that matches the changing needs of their clients. They are also built to comply with exacting industry standards so safety is paramount.

Find out more about these manhole covers available in the UAE access cover and how to get your access covers installed by calling +971 (0) 2 446 4684 (Abu Dhabi) or +971 (0) 4 451 9691 (Dubai).


The Leading Access Cover Supplier in the UAE

Gebal Group has distinguished itself over the past few years as one of the leading access cover suppliers in the UAE. Here are some reasons why:

Wide range of access covers

access cover supplied in UAE

We have an unbeatable selection of balanced action aluminium and stainless steel access covers for both external and internal usage. Even if you don’t find hatches that match your needs or preference in our collection, we can have bespoke access covers made for you.

Cutting edge technology

Through leading manufacturer Surespan, Gebal Group supplies some of the most innovatively designed access hatches in the Emirates. One of their more recent creations was the 180°sliding hatch and another was the hatch that doubles as a solar panel. Key to these innovations is a team of well-trained technicians working in a high-technology environment. 

Industry standards

Surespan adheres to the strictest standards during the manufacture of their access covers. Their fire rated hatches are made to conform to BS476 parts 21 and 22. More than 20 years ago Surespan received ISO 9001:2000 certification for their quality management system. 

Tried and tested access cover supplier in UAE

Gebal Group has been the access cover supplier of choice for several huge projects in the UAE and beyond. We were involved in the making of the access hatches for the world-renowned Burj Tower, one of Dubai’s key landmarks. Our signature access hatches can also be seen in the Kielder astronomical observatory in Northumberland. Our products are part of some of Qatar’s most popular constructions. 

Fill our enquiry form to get more information on our access hatches or call us on +971 (0) 2 446 4684 (Abu Dhabi) or +971 (0) 4 451 9691 (Dubai).